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The Aspic Advent is Nigh!

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Here we go again with another round of silly foods for the holidays.

This year it's the Aspic Advent. 

Aspic is a gelatin often made with a meat broth of some sort. Yum! Jellies were used to extend the life of meat dishes, and by 1800 or so, it was a very popular dish. (Read a history here.)

By the age of refrigeration in the last century, jellies were a sign that the cook owned a refrigerator, and had the time to prepare the dish.

While aspic is generally a savory dish, I'm adding the sweets. Because after all, this is a holiday. And what's a holiday without unidentifiable foods encased in a jiggly, wiggly substance?

The plan is to have a new dish every day through Christmas, starting tomorrow. December 1. If you've missed any, check out the RSS feed for the entire batch

Oh, and don't forget to hover over the pictures for more.

See you tomorrow!

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11/30/2019 8:00:00 AM
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