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Friday, April 13, 2007

Well. The end of another week. I'm feeling better, and feeling as though I've accomplished a few things. You can tell by the journal posts.

I had planned to go out to Fort Worth for the Instacon reception and a little night photography, but I'm going beg off due to the weather. Right now it's sunny, but there are a line of storms out west of Ft. Worth that are intensifying. And as long as the sun is out over here, that increases the chances that the storms will be worse when they move in this way. Somehow I don't want to be in a hotel ballroom should the power go out in downtown FW. Perhaps I'm being over-cautious, but it WILL rain and I don't want to be on the road. There's something about rain that brings out the worst in drivers around here. Even a sprinkle is enough to turn normally polite drivers into absolute jerks. Think I'll just stay home.

UPDATE: A tornado has been spotted just north of Mineral Wells. Yep, I'm staying home. Mineral Wells is about an hour to an hour and a half's drive west of Ft. Worth. Here is our local NEXRAD radar. The dividing lines you see are counties. Mineral Wells is in Palo Pinto county, two counties west of Ft. Worth (which is in Tarrant County). We live pretty much at the point of the crosshairs on the map. So now you can track the storms and see when we get flattened by the tornadoes. ;-)

Time to go start dinner. One last picture before I run along:

Petal to the MetalPetal to the Metal Hosted on Zooomr

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