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Monday Mumblings - Tuesday Edition

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey, yesterday was a holiday, and I was ostensibly taking the weekend off.

When we weren't at the movies or running errands, we sat at home and baked. Boy, was this weekend hot. It wasn't just the heat - the humidty was murder.

Today we woke up to a forecast calling for a 20 percent chance of rain. In the summer, that translates to, "in your dreams." What that generally means is that there may be a scattered heat shower or two in the afternoon, but nothing special. The TV meteorolgists (and, apparently, the government types) swore that the big rain system would slide to the north, as is typical during this type of year.



This was the view out the patio door about 90 minutes ago. It's still dark and rainy, but most of the heavy stuff has moved on.

Paul took the motorcycle in to work this morning. Hopefully the weather will clear out so he can ride home safely.

So how was your holiday weekend?

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