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Icy Morning!

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Icy Leaf

Just ran outdoors to snap a few pics. There's still a little ice coming down.

The county offices are closed, some schools are starting late and Paul is working from home.

Yes, those of you up north are laughing. We don't have enough ice and snow here to warrant keeping a huge fleet of sanding trucks on hand. Oh, the cities and the highway department have some, and they were out taking care of the overpasses starting yesterday afternoon. The other issue is that most people who live here don't have any experience driving in ice and snow, and aren't likely to get a whole lot. We also get what they call "black ice." When it ices, it's usually just enough to put a thin, hard-to-see coating on the roads. That's dangerous because it's all to easy to hit a patch of ice on an otherwise driveable road. So yes, it's best for us to just hunker in and wait for the stuff to melt, if possible.

I went food shopping Sunday night, and don't have any reason to leave the house - except to snap pictures in the yard. Even if it was a nice day I suspect the cats would be demanding I finish the work on the Catmas card. So that's what I'll do today.

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12/16/2008 10:31:29 AM

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