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This Week's Thrift Store Haul

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It seems that there are more Steampunk-type events on the horizon, so I went shopping for more clothes. I hit one of my favorite thrift stores today, figuring that they'd have a lot of new stock out today since the tax-free weekend starts tomorrow. Boy, did I come out good!


Not shown: A white hat box. I haven't decided if I'll actually wear that shirt with the skirts or not. I may yet get a different underskirt, or sew another row of lace on this one. I'll see how it all looks after I wash it tomorrow. I did wash the overskirt - and the zipper broke. I managed to repair it. It's the first time EVER I've managed to repair an invisible zipper.

The shoes were just awesome, and are not quire as bright white as you see in the picture. I need to find some suede cleaner, though my steamer didn't do a bad job on them. They look like they were hardly worn, but when the were worn, they got a bit scuffed. I hope the suede cleaner will do the job. 

Oh, and the entire haul was under $25. My kind of shopping!

Also on the clothing front this week, I finished one Steampunk hat, and have about decided to abandon another I'm working on. I'm just not happy with how it's turning out. Or, I may just put it away and come back to it down the road. That may be the best plan. I also dyed a thrifted bustier. It had been blue denim with black lace, but I really didn't want indigo, so I decided to go for wine. First I used a dye remover, which made it a light blue. Then I put it in the wine dye for about half an hour. The lace is synthetic, so it didn't take the dye, which is just perfect. It looks lovely, and I'll post a picture after it dries.

Must go finish cleaning the kitchen so I can start dinner.

Oh, and the truly amazing thing: I don't think we officially broke 100 degrees. We had a nice outflow breeze from some storms to the north. Sadly, the rain broke up before it got here, but the breeze was welcome. 

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