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My ConDFW Schedule

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This, of course, is subject to change, but here is my schedule for this weekend at ConDFW: 

Friday 6 pm, Canterbury - Creating the scene: How to Set the Stage in a Play. With David Gray (M), Gloria Oliver, Anthony Brownrigg, Ethan Nahte, and Sue Sinor.

Saturday 1 pm, Manchester - Leaving Clues in Mysteries. With Teresa Patterson (M), Rhonda Eudaly, P.N. Elrod, and Bill Crider.

Saturday 5 pm, Manchester - Flying the Friendly Dirigible Skies: Steampunk Aviation. With Cherie Priest, Lou Antonelli, Shanna Swendson (M), Martha Wells, and P.N. Elrod.

Sunday 11 am, Reading. Uh, it'll be a surprise. I'm waffling between two or three different things, and we'll see what wins out. Paul Black and Mark Finn will be sharing the hour slot.

Sunday 1 pm, Canterbury - Don't Quit Your Day Job! With Melanie Fletcher (M), Mark Finn and Rhonda Eudaly.

I'll also have items in the Art Show (bid early, bid often!) and will be hanging out at the FenCon parties Friday and Saturday nights. I'll probably also spend some time at the LoneStarCon 3 (Worldcon) table. 

Please drop by and say hi! ConDFW is always a lot of fun.

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2/14/2012 7:43:22 PM
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