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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm finally just about recovered from the (not the con) crud, so I should be coherent enough to write up something about the weekend.

Friday's panel was "Creating the Scene: How to Set the Stage in a Play." They found a couple of folks to sit in with the usual suspects, which brought some different perspectives to their scriptwriting panel. Different perspectives are always good.

Friday evening I had dinner with Mel. White and then headed upstairs to the FenCon party. We were about the only party going, so it was busy.

My first panel on Saturday was "Leaving Clues in Mysteries." The moderator was absent, but we slogged through and spent a lot of time talking about different approaches to writing mysteries in general. I think the audience got something out of it. 

It was after that panel that the headache came on and I made the mistake of walking in the rain to Starbucks. Oh, the coffee helped. I also did take an umbrella. But as I mentioned before, there were puddles everywhere. We needed that soaking rain, though.

The next panel was "Flying the Friendly Dirigible Skies - Steampunk Aviation." Cherie Priest was a lot of fun, and Shanna Swendson kept things on track. The room was packed, and we had some good conversation about the history of airships. 

Dinner was with a large group of people and then off too room parties!

Sunday morning I shared a reading slot with Paul Black and Mark Finn. Paul and Mark were good. My voice was cutting out. Then it was off to the "Don't Quit Your Day Job!" panel, which went well.

I was delighted to discover I'd done quite well in the art show this year. Thanks to everyone who not only bought my stuff, but supported the other artists. Hope you enjoy your pieces.

Once again, I had a grand time, and many thanks to the ConDFW crew for putting on a great event.

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