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My ConDFW Schedule

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ConDFW has now released their final schedule, so I can share:

4:00 PM: Selling Yourself for Fun and Profit, with Peggy Dee, Taylor Anderson, and Gloria Oliver. 

11:00 AM: Writing and Publishing Anthologies, with Kevin Hosey, Larry Atchley, Jr., Tom Knowles and Selina Rosen

3:00 PM: From Short Story to Film, with Anthony Brownrigg, Ethan Nahte, David L. Gray, and Amy Sisson

12:00 PM: Publishing Novels the Easy Way, with P.N. Elrod, Bill Fawcett, and J.M. McDermott (This is the scams panel. If you're an aspiring writer, or thinking of self-publishing, you need to attend this panel.)

2:00 PM: Reading (I'll be previewing a yet-to-be published anthology piece.)

3:00 PM: The Mad Hatters, with Peggy Dee, Bev Hale, Cyntha Talbot, Rick Gonyo, and Frank Hui. Hat making! I'll be bringing props!

Please pardon any typos. I'm still dealing with dilated pupils from this morning's eye exam. If I got your name wrong, let me know so I can make the correction. 

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2/14/2013 10:46:54 AM
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