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Monday Mumblings Returns From The Road

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Monday, April 8, 2013

We went down to San Antonio for the weekend. While the main purpose of the trip was a WorldCon staff meeting, we had time to do a little exploration around the River Walk area. I thought I'd share a few pictures:

Entrance to Drury Plaza. Very cool fountain:


The San Fernando Cathedral:


Gears in the ground in the park near the cathedral:


Another interesting bit in the same area:


Narrow corridor off the River Walk:


The obligatory view out the window:


Teddy Roosevelt drank here! This is the interior or the bar at the Menger Hotel, where TR recruited the Rough Riders. Pardon the quality, but I didn't want to fire the flash:


A Rough Riders exhibit at the Menger. Note the hats! The saddle is also fascinating.



Inside the convention center:


It was good to get away for the weekend. This was our first road trip with the C-Max, and we took the new State Highway 130 that goes around Austin, Yep, this is the fabled toll road with speeds up to 85 MPH. And hey, it's a great way to avoid the inevitable Friday afternoon I-35 parking lot.

The meetings went well. I won't bore you with the details. Hey, it's not like the meetings were super-secret, but there was a lot of tramping around the facilities, measuring rooms, that sort of thing. It's a nice facility. 

Time to finish up a few tasks, fold the rest of the laundry, feed the fish, and start dinner. Ah, Mondays.

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