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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Here is my panel schedule for ConDFW this weekend. You can also catch me in the Dealer's Room. Steam Cat and Whispering Leaf will be sharing a table.


3:00 PM, Programming 2: Brass Technology and Steam Power
The genre of Steampunk has always featured unlikely brass gadgets and powered by steam. Whether realistic or fanciful,these gadgets define a look which is unique for both costumers and writers. We gather our panelists to talk about how to bring these gadgets to life – and what lies in the future for Steampunk.

Panelists: Julie Barrett (M), Rie Sheridan Rose, Gloria Oliver, Julia S. Mandala

6:00 PM Programming 4: Writing for Comics
If you look at the credits of any modern comic, you will see that most of them have a separate writer, artist, shader, etc. So,how do you write for the comic medium? Is it like writing a screen play, or like writing a novel? Our comic experts debate this issue and others.

Panelists: David Doub, R. Cat Conrad, Mel White (M), Julie Barrett


10:00 AM Programming 3: Zen and the Art of Podcasting
A simple computer, a webcam, and you too can be a podcaster! Wait, it’s not that simple? Our panelists talk about Podcasting, what is needed, what to avoid and how to script for it.

Panelists: Mark Finn (M), Michael Ashleigh Finn, Tex Thompson, Julie Barrett

11:00 AM Programming 4: The Care and Feeding of Hats
Now that you have that fancy hat, how do you keep it in shape? What’s the best way to keep moths from nomming on the wool? How do you rehabilitate that cool flea market or thrift store find and still have money left over to buy more hats? Got a hat that needs work? Bring it in!

Panelist: Julie Barrett

2:00 PM Programming 4: Switched On (And Off!) Costume Lighting
Now that you’ve lit up your costume or prop, take it to the next level with specialty switches and sensors. Discover how to make lights react to movement, sound, and more!

Panelist: Julie Barrett (M)

5:00 PM Programming 4: Fandom Pictionary
Play Pictionary or just watch as our artists compete. Come and see our artists face off against each other. Pictionary has never been this much fun!

Panelists: R. Cat Conrad, Brad W. Foster, Mel White, Julie Barrett


11 AM Programming 2: Video Games: Inspiration or Distraction?
It’s easy to view video games as a distraction. Games such as Candy Crush can suck away free time with addictive puzzles until you realize that deadline has come and gone. However, video games can be an inspiration as well. Games such as World of Warcraft or No Man’s Sky can show you entire universes to explore, possibly giving you your own ideas for art or story. Can it be both? Or is it only one or the other? Let’s see what our panelists think.

Panelists: Mark Finn (M), R. Cat Conrad, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Julie Barrett, Seth Skorkowsky

2:00 PM Main Programming: If Only I Did that Differently
Forgetting to save never felt so bad, right? Right? How about going down that rabbit hole of a plot, only to write yourself into a corner so nasty you have to crumple it up and start from scratch. Our panelists relate their woes and try to help you so that you don’t have to follow their footsteps. 

Panelists: Julie Barrett (M), K. B. Bogen, A. Lee Martinez, Michelle Muenzler, Stephen Patrick

See you there!

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