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Monday, February 17, 2014

Apologies for the lack of posting. Just got recovered from Sci-Fi Expo and then came down with the stomach virus that's going around. Feeling better today, though. If I was going to get sick, I'm glad to get it out of the way before a convention, and I'm sure they're glad, too! There are just some types of "joy" that should not be spread.

So, ConDFW is this weekend. It's shaping up to be a great convention, so do come out and say hi. Stick around for the panels. Buy some art. Stay for the parties! (FenCon's is Saturday night!) Here's what they have me doing this weekend:

Friday, 4pm, Addison Lecture Hall: Selling Yourself for Fun and Profit 
Panelists: Barbara Ann Wright (M), Peggy Dee Haslbauer, David L. Gray, Melanie Fletcher, Gloria Oliver, Julie Barrett 
Self‐promotion is always a tricky issue in this day and age.  Where do you do it?  What is trustworthy?  How do you get the news out to the public that your book, or art, or movie is ready?  The internet is a big place, and easy to get lost in.  Our panelists look at ways of getting the message out to the masses so you can earn more than blank looks.  

Saturday, 2pm, Addison Lecture Hall: The Secret of Repetition: How to Create A Sequel 
Panelists: Mark Finn (M), Kevin J. Anderson, Stephen Patrick, KM Tolan, Julie Barrett 
There are sequels everywhere.  Most are not very good, or ill‐advised – for instance, a Sharknado 2 has been greenlighted.  However, some do rise above the original – such as Empire Strikes Back, or The Dark Knight.  Our panelists discuss sequels, how to create them, what to avoid (if you can) and why.   
Sunday, 11am, Chinaberry: Mining for Ideas 
Panelists: Chris Donahue (M), Rhonda Eudaly, Samuel Boyd Taylor, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Julie Barrett 
Writers are always looking for new ideas and concepts to use in their stories.  However, sometimes ideas can be found in the most unlikely of places, such as history magazines or science websites.  Our panelists share some tips on how to mine such places for ideas that are useful for writers, and interesting for readers. 
Sunday, 12pm, Red Oak: The Really Mad Hatters 
Panelists: Bev Hale, Julie Barrett, Cynthia Talbot, Donna Hawk 
During this panel our Mad Hatters show the construction of many styles and genre of hats for flamboyant costuming purposes.  There will be interactive discussion on construction and design of hats using already completed and “pull it out of the box” found items to enhance any costume or persona, as well as construction of hat bands out of things conventional milliners would never think to use.

Sunday, 2pm, Red Oak: What’s Next: Finishing Touches 
Panelists:  Cynthia Talbot, Becky Demonja, Peggy Dee Haslbauer, Bev Hale and Julie Barrett 
That dress dummy looks pretty awesome in that costume you just finished but what about your hands your arms, your hair, your shoes, your jewelry, your hat, your headdress, your cape, your wings,  your . . . the list goes on and on.  How do you know when your costume is really finished and where do you find or make all those awesome finishing touches. (Oh and make sure you ask Bev Hale about that “3 dead Ferrets” rule). (Note from Julie: I will have the "infamous" Three Ferret Hat!)

See you this weekend!


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