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Monday Photo Shoot

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Let There Be Light. John Scalzi's challenge:

Snap a picture of a really interesting lamp or light fixture.

This is one from the archives:

Art Moderne LightsArt Moderne Lights Hosted on Zooomr

This was taken inside of the Hall of State at Fair Park in Dallas. Fair Park is an Art Deco and Art Moderne oasis in a sea of shiny new buildings. In case the web site design hasn't clued you in already, let me state that I have a fondness for not only Art Deco, but almost any design style from 1900-1940.

Here's a detail of the lamps:

Art Moderne Lights DetailArt Moderne Lights Detail Hosted on Zooomr

I have to admit that the first picture is much better.

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