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Feline Friday

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Welcome to Feline Friday! Abby and Midnight are stepping in for Pickle this week.

Last week, we saw Pickle backlit, Eclipse and Angel pretending to be innocent kitties, a kitty pile-up featuring Korena, Odo and Bubbles, a farm cat on a shelf, and one kitty that was feelin' good! We also got Mew peeking at us in all her macro mode glory!

To play along, post a link to your kitty picture or cat tale. Next week Feline Friday will be back at Steven's.

Oh, you want to see cat pictures, don't you?

Here's Abby:

AbbyAbby Hosted on Zooomr
>[? Midnight had a lot of fun playing with a toy mouse...

Midnight and the MouseMidnight and the Mouse Hosted on Zooomr

...until she found out that Steven's blog had been marked as a spam blog.

Evil MidnightEvil Midnight Hosted on Zooomr

Never get a Geek Kitty angry.

(Seriously, she was yawning in this picture and between the angle and the flash she just came out looking purely evil.)

Thanks for visiting!

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3/2/2007 1:30:20 PM

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