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Monday Photo Shoot

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Monday, August 27, 2007

The assignment: Show us a picture that is predominantly, or has as its focus, the colors red, white and blue. You can mix and match these as you'd like - it doesn't have to be flags, or patriotic stuff (though there's no problem with that if you want it). Just have red, white and blue an important part of the picture.

No time to shoot today. Not only is the heat unbearable, but I got a "gentle reminder" from an editor today. Oh, I still have six weeks to turn the story in, but yeah, I need to get cracking. More on that after the picture, but suffice to say that I wanted something calming. Something that reminds me of good times. Okay, something that reminds me of beer! So here's a three-in-one!:

Stag's Head
Stag's Head

This stained glass window is from the Stag's Head pub in Dublin. The place is old - dating back to 1770. I think their last major renovation was in about 1898 or so. The pub is secluded in an alley off of the high street that runs along the River Liffey. You have to look down on the ground for the mosaic of a stag's head. It's the only sign that the place exists.

I highly recommend this pub for lunch. The food was delicious, and they didn't mind the fact that we had a teenager with us. Some restaurants turned us away because we had a minor in tow.

Oh, yes: I mentioned beer. If you're into the stuff, this is where to go for a pint of Guinness. I have never had a better pint anywhere, and that includes St. James's Gate, the home of Guinness. If you're not into the black stuff, go for the food and the atmosphere. You won't be disappointed.

Thus endeth the Monday Photo Shoot. If you want to read more about my boring writing life, continue. If not, thanks for dropping by!

So I'm working on a story for an anthology. What anthology, you ask? I'll tell you once I get a check in my hot little hands. Yes, I live in constant fear that whatever I do isn't good enough, so if I don't name names, I won't be as crushingly disappointed because I didn't drop said names to the whole world. Yes, Karen, my inner weasel has been screaming bloody murder lately.

I have another deadline coming up, but I'll talk about that project as the PR has started. I'm in the process of adapting the Sherlock Holmes story The Final Problem for the Texas Radio Theatre Company. This will be my second Holmes adaptation for them. Performances will be in December.

Time to go rest my brain. I've been going since early this morning. I think I'm going to go read on Busman's Honeymoon to get my mind off of what I'm writing. This is sort of like Arthur Dent and flying: I have to sort of approach this thing sideways, while I'm not thinking about it. That's what tends to bring the muse for me.

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