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Well, it was just a little too cold for my lungs to handle the walk, so we waited until after school had been out for a while and then Chris drove us down to the polling place. We didn't have much trouble getting a parking space and we walked right in. A teenager was manning a table right inside the door. He looked a bit young to be an election worker, and I was right: He was overseeing a sign-in sheet for the school. Move along, nothing to see here.

We were greeted enthusiastically by the Republicans, and I felt sort of bad as I slinked past their table to the other. Yes, I felt bad slinking past the Dems table in previous elections, especially since I know the precinct chair. He wasn't there when we voted. They took or ID, we signed the forms, and then the asked if we were planning to attend the caucus tonight. We weren't sure, so we were given "tickets" that would allow us to get back in if we decided to go.

(A quick digression, after I got home I saw an article online that both the Clinton and Obama camps were complaining about precincts that were asking voters to sign the caucus sheet early. Voters are not supposed to sign them until they show up for the meeting. So what was I given? Merely a piece of paper that certified I had cast a vote in the election.)

Chris saw someone he knew at the polls. I'm guessing it was a teacher from his public school days. She gave him a big hug before she stepped over to vote.

Yes, we had the Diebold machines. While I still wish they'd offer a paper receipt showing how I voted, I'm pleased that the machine does offer up a visual confirmation and a chance to correct my votes. I noticed that one race was blank and I was able to go back and correct that error without having to redo the entire vote. I know I pressed the name; I guess I didn't press hard enough. And I didn't look to see whether it had registered on the screen. So that's one small thing in favor of the machines. I would be more comfortable with a paper receipt, though.

We came home and there was a message on the machine - from the candidate we'd voted for - reminding us to vote AND to show up for the caucus tonight. Still making my mind up on that one.


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3/4/2008 4:57:23 PM
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