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Clinton took the popular vote, but the caucus numbers are still not in.

Still many allegations of irregularities, but more complaints of crowds. But as someone in one article pointed out, last year they had ten people, this year it was hundreds. How do they plan for that?

There was some grumbling about the lines last night, but they did get enough volunteers and paperwork together to add a couple of sign-in stations, which helped. Honestly, I think they were surprised and gratified by the turnout and did their best to accomodate everyone.

I'm not sure anyone expected the kind of caucus tunrout that most places across the state got, but one thing we can thank this close election for is the fact that more voters got educated on how the process works. And that, I think, is something we can agree is a good thing, no matter which candidate we support.


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3/5/2008 8:38:28 AM
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