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Publishing Myths Series, Updated

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About once a year I try to go back and update my Publishing Myths series. I'm kind of surprised at how well things have held up since 2009. (2011 update) (2014 update)

I've gone through and added a few updates plus rechecked and updated broken links.

There are some major trends I've noticed in the last few years:

  • Ebooks continue to gain popularity. It's also getting easier for authors to produce their own ebooks. Some of the caveats still apply. You need a good cover. (If you think you can just throw together any old art and typeface, check out the Lousy Bookcovers feed.)
  • The rise - and fall in some cases - of small publishers. I kind of figured there would be some shakeout, but some good publishers have folded or are in trouble. I have an anthology story stuck at a struggling publisher. I'm a little reticent to share details as I don't have anything solid to share. They just appear to be struggling right now. 
  • And the scammers just don't go away.

Which reminds me, I do have one more item I need to add to the series. Maybe after lunch.

But thanks for reading!

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3/12/2015 10:50:53 AM
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