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Some of you have probably been wondering how Midnight has been getting along since we lost Abby earlier this summer. At first she kind of moped around the place. We took her to the vet for her regular visit about a month ago and they discovered an ear infection. Joy. She's past that now, but due to her age we have to give her some help in keeping her ears clean. We also have to cut back on the food just a bit. That's not a surprise. She's always eaten darn near anything we put out in front of her as long as there's a picture of a cat on the bag or can. When Abby slowed down on her eating and then stopped, Midnight was more than happy to take up the slack. 

Now she's back to mostly her old self, getting in plenty of lap time with Paul and Chris and overseeing all of our geek activities. The vet told us that, other than the ear infection, she was in great shape for her age. With proper care she could live to be 20. 

So I figured her period of mourning was over, and I could coax her into posing for a picture for the journal:


So there she is, sitting on her favorite black cat throw. But of course!

Have a good weekend!

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8/9/2013 1:19:50 PM

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