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Well, this has been on Amazon for a while, but since the press release has hit the virtual street I guess I can officially announce that I will have a story in The Further Crossovers of Sherlock Holmes from Moonstone Books, edited by Richard Dean Starr.

I'm the B-list author in with some serious heavy hitters like David Gerrold and Bill Crider. Also prolific Holmes author, A-lister, and good friend Brad Sinor has a story in this book, and I'm really happy that we get to be in print together.

My contribution, The Lady Detective, crosses Holmes with Loveday Brooke, a lady detective who made her debut in 1894 in stories by Catherine Louisa Pirkis. She is widely considered to be the first female detective written by a female author. Miss Brooke was also rather forward-thinking for her time. She had to be, as an upper-class woman who was left penniless and without friends by "a jerk of Fortune's wheel." At the time there were few career choices for women, so this was a bold move. 

The stories are in the public domain, and you can read them here.

So book cover or it ain't happening, right? The cover artist is Timothy Lantz.


And yes, the eagle-eyed among you have spotted the typo in the listing. I'm told the publisher will fix it.

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4/17/2017 9:16:42 AM
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