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Wednesday. January 15, 2020

Costa Maya

Our hopes were dashed as we hit rough seas about 3:30 AM.

Yesterday we were told at the shore excursions desk to disembark from deck 3 at about 12:15. We wound around, found the disembarkation point, and were told to go back upstairs and join the queue. Well, if they'd told us that in the first place... The queue went from the forward stairs on deck 5  through the atrium and into the main dining room, then back out through the atrium to who knows where. The line was still in the restaurant when we joined it. It was hot and people were getting cranky. Staff was handing out glasses of juice, at least.

We finally got off shore and through the port past the Norwegian Bliss and the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the seas, to find a harpist playing "La Bamba." Further down the pier were a pair of marimba musicians playing...."La Bamba."


We finally found the excursion meet point, where we were handed a bottle of water as we were herded onto one of a line of buses to go to Chacchoben. Our guide, Priscila, was knowledgeable. I was unable to take detailed notes, so I'm going to send you to this web site of someone who went there just last year. They had a private tour and were able to do more climbing than we were allowed to do. However, we did some, and I'm glad to say I made it up the steep stairs you see below. Just barely. This is a Lighbox gallery. Click on any picture to enlarge, and use the arrows to go back and forth. I'll put captions on the pictures.



We were pretty worn out after two hours of climbing around. We were provided with another bottle of water for the ride home, then returned to Costa Maya where we were herded out through a maze of gift shops and restaurants. Then it was back to the pier where the musicians were at least playing something different.


Dinner was at the Seven Seas, the other main dining room. We brought the cake from last night in and had half of it for dessert. We then went to the Stardust Theater to see comic Dylan Mandlsohn. He was hilarous, and we decided to go to his adult show on Friday night.

The boat was seriously rocking. Even the crew has having trouble keeping their balance. Who needs booze to walk like you're drunk?




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